AG3 was the third and largest academic conference devoted to the works and writings of Arakawa and Gins, and the first of its kind online. Over the course of 16 days, from March 12th-26th, 2010, leading scholars across multiple time zones simultaneously engaged in lively discussions at the intersections of philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science and architecture. The conference ended with two concluding events in in New York City, held on April 30 at Barnard College (Columbia University) and at the Solomon Guggenheim Museum on May 1, 2010. The conference was co-directed by Jondi Keane and Martin E. Rosenberg.

Committee Members: Russell HughesPatricia Glazebrook and Bobby George.

Speakers: Don Byrd, Mary Ann Caws, Tom Conley, Arthur C. Danto, Shaun Gallagher, David Kolb, Gregg Lambert, Erin Manning, Fumi Tsukahara, Mackenzie Wark.

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AG3 Online - The Third International Arakawa + Gins Architecture and Philosophy Conference, 2010
AG 3 Online: Arakawa and Gins Architecture and Philosophy Conference, Barnard College, 2010
AG 3 Online: Arakawa and Gins Architecture and Philosophy Conference, Guggenheim New York, 2010