A person moving through a tactically posed surround/tutelary abode will be led to perform procedures that may or may not be recognizable to her as architectural procedures. An architectural procedure is a complex something or other. Perhaps no concept is clumsier. We urge you not to let its overarching clumsiness scare you off. It works as both a this and a that. Tactically posed surrounds/tutelary abodes remain what they are, but architectural procedures have two distinct stages of existence or levels of implementation. An architectural procedure definitionally unfurls as one segment or many or as one set-up or many of a tactically posed surround/tutelary abode—level one of its first implementation. The level two implementation of an architectural procedure is the sequence of actions that the level one implementation constrains. An architectural procedure resembles its predecessor, a word, in two respects for a start: first, it is a repeatable item that readily lends itself to discursive use; second, charged with conveying a specific experience or range of experiences, it can be evaluated as to how well it serves its purpose or how effectively it has been put to use.