One’s living room is and isn’t one’s own sensorium. All that is tentative is in the realm of sensorial; all that appears to be definite has been physically constructed.

- Arakawa and Madeline Gins; Architectural Body, p.42 (2002)

An architectural surround’s features: its boundaries and all objects and persons within it. Each circumjacency has a characteristic set of features. Here are some architectural surrounds and their characteristic set of features. In the case of an architectural surround that is nothing more than a small enclosure in a wheat field formed by many stalks having been trampled upon, the set includes a floor of trampled-upon wheat stalks, walls consisting of wheat stalks, bent stragglers mixed in with intact ones, and a sky for a ceiling. The set of features for a kitchen will be all that makes it a kitchen, including the woman putting the roast in the oven. The set of characteristic features for an immensely large architectural surround such as a city will be everything that makes it a city, including all those bustling or ambling through it.

Bioscleave-House (Lifespan Extending Villa), East Hampton, NY, photo Dimitris Yeros