The complexity involved in managing to stay viable should not be underestimated. Human beings (aka organisms that person) must learn to choose their artifices wisely. Too artificial or not artificial enough? And artificial for what purpose? Construct artificial terrains that can converse with those traversing them. To what end? For figuring out what goes on as we the puzzle creatures (aka organisms that person aka human beings). Articulate terrains, structured for conducting body-wide conversations with whoever moves about upon them, help all pertinent concerns and every possible dimension be kept in play, including some new ones. Lessening initiative and flattening experience, flattened terrains--floors as usual--beg to be surpassed, to be made less artificial, less arbitrarily so, and more conversant with what goes on as life. Long live bumpiness and renewed intricacy!

Study for a Baseball Field for the Architectural Body, Computer rendering, 1991-92
Bioscleave House (Lifespan Extending Villa), living area, kitchen, bedroom 2, photographer Dimitris Yeros
Reversible Destiny Lofts, Sphere room, photographer Masataka Nakano