"Whoever has a passionate interest in and concern for the biotopology of organisms that person and their architectural bodies qualifies as a member of this institute.  Appointing each faculty member a full professor-in-training gives recognition to the intricate fullness of the lived experience of those who succeed in qualifying for this post even as it makes note of how inexperienced and untrained everyone is when it comes to the wide-open new field of biotopology. The contributors to the Interfaces double-issue titled Architecture Against Death as well as participants in the Nanterre Architecture and Philosophy Conference (September 30 - October 1 2005), and also its would-be participants, those who tried unsuccessfully to make it to Nanterre, have all been appointed full professors-in-training. And there it is for a start."

- Arakawa and Madeline Gins

The University of Paris X-Nanterre  and the Théorie de la lecture / Lecture de la théorie seminar, as part of the CREA research group, hosted the First International Arakawa and Gins: Architecture and Philosophy Conference in Paris. PDF files of the conference program and abstracts are available through the conference website.

Date: September 30th – October 1st, 2005

Essays from the ground-breaking two-volume collected produced by the bi-lingual journal Interfaces, edited by Jean-Michel Rabaté, entitled Architecture Against Death, are also available online. These essays are in part a celebration of Arakawa and Gins’ 2002 publication Architectural Body. Attendees: Jean-Jacques Lecercle,  Françoise Kral, Simone Rinzler, Fionn C. Bennett, Anne-Laure Fortin, Christina Makris, Alan Prohm, Jed Rasula,  Michel Morel, Ronald Shusterman,  Michel Delville, Stéphane Dawans, Russel Hughes, Jost Muxfeldt, Jan Smitheram, Marie-Dominique Garnier, Simone Rinzler, Chris L. Smith, Reuben Baron, Vera Bühlmann, Fred Rush, Antoine Cazé, Linda Pillière, Jake Kennedy, Michel Morel, Daniel Ross, Don Byrd, Trish Glazebrook, Don Ihde, Monique Chassagnol, Marta M. Keane, Joan Baron, Maggie O’ Sullivan, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Ronald Shusterman, Suzanne Blier, Rhonda Roland, Charissa Terranova, Anne-Laure Fortin, Gordon Bearn, Joshua Shuster, Jondi Keane, Takuma Kuragaki, Hugh Crawford, Sha Xin Wei, Yves Abrioux.

Organizers: Jean-Jacques Lecercle, Françoise Kral

Poster; Architecture and Philosophy Conference, Paris X-Nanterre, 2005
Call for Papers; Architecture and Philosophy Conference, Paris X-Nanterre, 2005