Architectural Design ░░ Initiating Change:Architecting the Body-Environment with Arakawa and Gins
Architectural Design, January/February 2013, Profil No 221 written by Jondi Keane "As a thought experiment it remains a paradox that pits two identity states against each other. But as a built feature of the world, the door, as something with which one interacts, is always in the process of opening and closing" ..."Positioning the audience as arbiter of the opening and closing door, it remains a never-to-be-fully-determined state. Standing in relation to the door, one must choose the limits and define the parameters of the world under construction. At its most definite state secure in one door jam, the door is categorically both open and closed, otherwise its status is always in a state of play. Enacting the opening and closing of the door is an architecting activity best examined in-situ with all body-environmental information in play. This proof, involving the logic of identity, is a demonstration, a protest, or perhaps a petition for the way material processes can be used to question logic and how the questioning of logic can be used to initiate change. Changing identity changes relations; changing relations changes interaction, which in turn allows agents to enact a world, newly configured." To read the full text, click here: