Were nothing being apportioned out, no world could form. What is being apportioned out, no one is able to say. That which is being apportioned out is in the process of landing.

                               — Arakawa and Madeline Gins

Landing site: any discerning whatsoever.

Landing site: a theoretical posit, a sited one.

“I notice that as emanating from or as being there.” -- to assert a landing site. Consider world-construction as coming about through the configuring of landing sites. Every landing-site configuration – that is, every instance of world – comprises three type of landing sites. A perceptual landing site takes fleeting shape narrowly as an immediate and direct response to a probable existent, a transient reporting on what presents itself. An imaging landing site dances attendance widely, in an un-pinpointing way on a perceptual landing site, responding indirectly and diffusely to whatever the latter leaves unprocessed. A dimensionalizing landing site combines the qualities of the perceptual landing site and imaging landing site, and in so doing, simultaneously ranges narrowly/tightly and widely/diffusely. It couples and coordinates direct with indirect responses and formed with formless or still forming ones. Landing sites occur on all scales of action, and they abound within each other.

Critical Holder,Arakawa and Gins: We Havve Decided Not To Die, Guggenheim Catalogue, 1997