Do you want to live in an apartment or house that can help you determine the nature and extent of interactions between you and the universe? Procedural architecture is an architecture of precision and unending invention. Works of procedural architecture function as well-tooled works of equipment that help the body organize its thoughts and actions to a greater degree than had previously been thought possible. Set up to put fruitfully into question all that goes on within them, works of procedural architecture steer their residents to examine minutely the actions they take and to reconsider and, as it were, recalibrate their equanimity and self-possession, causing them to doubt themselves long enough to find a way to reinvent themselves.

 A highly systematic approach to architecture, procedural architecture addresses the whole everything of a person, all that she is aware of as surrounding her at any given moment, her architectural body a.k.a. her sited awareness; within a work of procedural architecture, a person continually forms forth in respect to an architectural surround, and does this, fittingly enough, given the name of the discipline, through architectural procedures, purposeful juxtaposings, tactical posings, of architectural elements and features.

Bioscleave House, interior view, East Hampton, New York, 2008