Ambiguous Zones, 3

The Reversible Destiny Lofts—Mitaka (In Memory of Helen Keller) in its near-completion phase, 2005, Tokyo. Photo by Masataka Nakano Dear Friends,   Did you know that today, October 15th, is

Ambiguous Zones, 2

Madeline and Arakawa posing with a shrub in front of Châteaux D’Amboise, France, 1980 Dear Friends,   The end of summer brings another round of travel photos for the second

Ambiguous Zones, 1

Dear Friends, At the Reversible Destiny Foundation, the start of summer brings with it an air of celebration for Arakawa’s birthday on July 6th, when he would have turned 85.

Distraction Series, 20

The virtual tour of the Ubiquitous Site, Nagi’s Ryoangi, Architectural Body – Nagi prefecture, Japan

Distraction Series, 19

For Distraction Series 19, we were inspired to re-examine the friendship between Arakawa, Madeline Gins, and Ray Johnson after seeing Ray Johnson: WHAT A DUMP at David Zwirner’s West 19th

Distraction Series, 18

Dear Friends, For Distraction Series 18, we celebrate the arrival of spring with an invitation to virtually visit the Site of Reversible Destiny—Yoro, located within Yoro Park in the town

Distraction Series, 17

Dear Friends, A few months ago, Reversible Destiny Foundation’s project archivist Kathryn Dennett came across a folder labeled, “Man Repellent Archive.” Kathryn was “instantly intrigued. Inside there were sticker labels

Distraction Series, 16

Dear Friends, As a part of a series in which we focus on archival materials revealing “friends of Arakawa and Gins” (tentative title), we are happy to share with you,

Distraction Series, 15

Dear Friends, For Distraction Series 15 we share with you words from a close friend of Madeline and Arakawa, poet – Don Byrd: Madeline and Arakawa were the most generous

Distraction Series, 14

Dear Friends, For Distraction Series 14 we share with you a handful of mail from Arakawa and Madeline Gins’s archives to remind us of the significant role our postal service has

Distraction Series, 13

Dear Friends, Distraction Series 13 brings us to November. In the United States in 2020, this month has started out with the stress of the election in addition to rising

Distraction Series, 12

Dear Friends, In honor of Blindness Awareness Month, Distraction Series 12 focusses on Madeline Gins’s book Helen Keller or Arakawa (1994) and the influence that Helen Keller had on Arakawa

Distraction Series, 11

Dear Friends, For Distraction Series 11, we are delighted to share an interview Arakawa gave in Tokyo, 1997, at the NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC), available for the first time with

Distraction Series, 10

Madeline and Arakawa with Mesoamerican statues in Tula, Mexico Dear Friends, Given the current limitations on travel, Distraction Series 10 is here to bring you on a round-the-world armchair vacation

Distraction Series, 9

Photograph of Madeline Gins (seated in the second row from the front at the far left) in Grade Six, Radcliffe Road Elementary School, Island Park, NY, 1952 Dear Friends, For the

Distraction Series, 8

Arakawa, 35’ by 7’ 6” and 126 lbs. No. 2, 1967-68, acrylic and collage on canvas, 7 panels, overall: 420 x 88 1/2 inches Collection of Nagoya City Art Museum,

Distraction Series, 7

Dear Friends, In 1968, Arakawa produced a number of works that took his use of stenciled and written language in a more playful direction than we saw in the paintings

Distraction Series, 6: documenta 4

Dear friends, The subject of Distraction Series 6 is documenta 4, which took place in Kassel, Germany, from June 27th to October 6th, 1968.. Arakawa was invited to participate in this recurring