NEW COMMUNITIES FOR THE OLD RIBA JOURNAL - The magazine of the Royal Institute of British Architects-July, August 2011 What is the best way for communities to care for the old – separate specialized enclaves or integrated in society? Highly targeted US schemes contrast with more inclusive ambitions in the under-provided UK --Jan Carlos Kucharek VILLAGE PEOPLE Speaking on the phone from her New York Studio, artist Madeline Gins tells me I really don’t need to die, and I believe her. For over 40 years she and her partner Arakawa – who died, she says almost incredulously, in 2010 aged 73 – together created art that investigated the meaning and politics of the body. This culminated most recently in their concept of ‘Reversible Destiny’ – a way of thinking that challenges the inevitability of death. ’We asked “How do you stay viable?”,’says Gins. ‘We wanted to reverse the usual obligatory downhill course of human life by creating ‘tactically posed surrounds’…our species has overlooked the possibility of using architecture to further our existence’. Further reading
Reversible Destiny Healing Fun House, Module-Room Orientations, Boom Community
Reversible Destiny Healing Fun House, South-Elevation, Boom Community