A tactically posed surround consists of architectural procedures.

Each tactically posed surround generally has embedded in it two or more distinctly different architectural procedures. Within a tactically posed surround, both the architectural body and its constituent factors become more apparent.

Choosing to live within a tactically posed surround/tutelary abode will be counted as an all-out effort to go on living.

Architectural bodies have everything to do with what a person makes of the fact, the soft but sure-enough fact, that she perceptually subtends, and as-if palpates, architectural surrounds as wholes. There is that which prompts (architectural surround and tactically posed surround and tutelary abode) and that which gets prompted (organism that persons). Features of architectural surrounds/tactically posed surrounds/tutelary abodes prompt the body to act. Actions and maneuvers secure a general taking shape for an organism that persons of the characteristic features of a(n) architectural surround/tactically posed surround/tutelary abode. In responding to the ubiquitous call that comes from nooks, crannies, and nonnooks and crannies of a(n) architectural surround/tactically posed surround/tutelary abode — most observers feel that they ought eventually to get around to noting everything around them — a person assembles and takes on an architectural body, half-knowingly piecing it together into a flowing whole. The harkening to any feature or element of the architectural surround/tactically posed surround/tutelary abode, bodily stirrings and promptings included: a further articulating of the architectural body.
Reversible Destiny Healing Fun House, interior view, computer rendering, 2011