To not to die / pour ne pas mourir 

(French Edition, Editions de la Difference, 1987)

"Forming space, the perceiving, brings about the perceived image of fiction of place as detail; by repeatedly cleaving, it initiates the game of distance, making it possible, for example, for one’s arm, hand or foot to be seen."

- Arakawa + Madeline Gins

Table of Contents

  1. To observe (experience) through a "fiction of place"
  2. The world of "fiction of place" in some of body given over to
  3. Part of doing is always blank
  4. There can be no sensing without blank
  5. Not only is part of doing always blank
  6. Within any specified region
  7. The perceiving of oneself as blank
  8. To sense the perceiving… (Whose blank to play?)
  9. A container that is made of action
  10. When "always and not"
  11. What occurs within a state of activation
  12. A large part of any doing "is"
  13. It is blank that gives a diffuse blurring power
  14. As the coordination of the senses
  15. In any case, the coordinator
  16. The area of "I"
  17. Instantaneously and repeatedly
  18. Shifting point blank
  19. Point Blank
  20. Even before there ever was the property of blank
  21. The many hinged, the cleaved
  22. Everywhere is cleaving
  23. Omnipresent cleaving
  24. Groups resulting from a recurrence of events
  25. The forming of and the coordination of
  26. Any succession of events determines a density
  27. As it is coordination diverse tissues of density
  28. A combined atmosphere
  29. Through the cleaving of what is
  30. To cleave
  31. Geometry is only an incidental neighbor of blank
  32. Each neighborhood, nest of fields
  33. Part of all doing is blank projecting
  34. Then but spreaded
  35. When in itself
  36. Following each reassembling
  37. Spreaded it… (Morality : )
  38. Immediately following the shaping of any world,
  39. Just prior to the shaping of the first image
  40. Even when the entire body
  41. The fiction of place has no ascertainable dimension
  42. A sense of continuing existence depends
  43. Generally, blank is used by a fiction of place to represent spacetime
  44. Every spacetime starts as a fragment
  45. Blank extending blindly
  46. Every spacetime proceeds as a fragment
  47. Fiction of place: This chain of rooms
  48. Forming space and Space
  49. By becoming that which moves across
  50. At a fiction of place
  51. Through a comparison of possible images
  52. Forming space, the perceiving
  53. The game of distance [or of almost everything]:
  54. Fiction of place fluctuates
  55. The texture of distance, space,
  56. Forming spacetime: (Of the same thickness as agreeing)

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