UCLA Institute of Society and Genetics 10th Annual Symposium ░░ Art of Aging
How do we age? Why do we age? Can we extend life greatly, or indefinitely? Scientists approach aging as a biological fact, or a technical problem to be solved; artists approach it as something moral and aesthetic, or as a crucial or inevitable dimension of society. Both disciplines are concerned with the genetic inputs for and the physical manifestation of aging. Here we plumb the intersection of biological science and artistic production to explore the “Art of Aging”--including both the artistic and scientific representations of growing older, and the process of adapting gracefully to aging as individuals and as a society. Participating scientists, artists and sociologists: Kathy Brew Alan Castel Steven G. Clarke Madeline Gins Bryan Turner Hal Ackerman Amisha Gadani Mark Wexler Coordinated by Aaron Panofsky, Sharlene Santana, Victoria Vesna, and Jessica Lynch Alfaro UCLA institute for Society and Genetics—Art of Aging, May 11 + 12, 2012