What the President Will Say and Do!! 

(Station Hill Press, 1984)

All Men are Sisters (1979)

Woman is the host. Man, the guest (guestess?). But the host has been too amiable for too long. Look at what we have bred. We have acquiesced to such a degree that in our own homes we now speak their language instead of ours. Men are by nature critical. Women, self-critical. This is the critical difference. There simply could not have been a woman who would have said, “Left side,” “right side,” then stuck to it. For a woman, it is a question of at least seven sides, at least one for every hue. Such subtlety contributes to the subtle difference.

 - Madeline Gins

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Presidential Poems (before)
  3. What the President will Say and Do!!
  4. The Leader I
  5. The Leader II
  6. Top Secret {Code: after}
  7. The Nature of Trouble (Petition of Presidential Relative)
  8. The Nature of Trouble
  9. Chronology
  10. The Nature of Trouble: A Critique
  11. Presidential Union and Intimacy
  12. The Presidential Mood
  13. The President's Logic
  14. All Men are Sisters
  15. A Sisterly Thesaural Dictionary
  16. How to Breathe
  17. Brief Autobiography of a Non-Existent
  18. How to Have and Not to Have a Nervous Breakdown
  19. An Introduction to THE History of THE
  20. The President Reacts

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