The sum of all that contributes to lives being led: bioscleave

- Letter from Arakawa and Madeline Gins to Professor Reuben Baron.  November 30, 2002.

Start by thinking of architecture as a tentative constructing toward a holding in place. Architecture’s holding in place occurs within and as part of a prevailing atmospheric condition that others routinely call biosphere but which we, feeling the need to stress its dynamic nature, have renamed bioscleave. Without exception, all that can be and does get detailed as bioscleave consists, by definition, of cleaving. We have an entire field alive with cleaving: bioscleave. From cleaving, by means and in terms of it, bioscleave, an event-fabric capable of giving and holding and functioning as life forms. Although it can be put to a purpose, cleaving on its own happens aimlessly, in both its modes, in its coming together mode and in its pulling apart one. Bioscleave denotes life in all its multiplicity as communally lived and all regions that can or could encompass the whole of this vivid crew in the fullness of their interaction on all possible scales of action at once.

Bioscleave-House -Lifespan Extending Villa, section with double terrain,computer rendering, 2008