To Not To Die

“Blank is an event and a method. It is unlike Emptiness, for example, not something to be believed in or not. It provides the tabula rasa with a fullness of its own. Similarly the Vacuum, in our time, has a fullness of its own, and that, too, is composed of indiscernibles.”

—Arakawa/Madeline Gins

Pour Ne Pas Mourir/To Not To Die

Paperback: 130 pages

Publisher: Editions de la Difference, 1987

Language: English and French

ISBN: 2-77291-02-50-7

99 Examples numbered 1-99

26 Examples marked A-Z signed by the authors and containging a suite of 4 etchings by Arakawa

To Not To Die (Japanese Edition)

Translator: Masashi Miura

Publisher: Libroport, 1988

Language: Japanese and English

ISBN: 4-8457-0332-7