What the President Will Say and Do!!

WHAT THE PRESIDENT WILL SAY AND DO!! is a book about Power and Being, and the languages integral to both. The ostensible subject of Gins’ formidable wit is “The Presidency” and “The Man” who gives it voice. But her virtuosic deconstruction of the devices of political rhetoric suggests a deeper purpose: one related to identity, language, and the value of meaning. Through such pieces as “THE History of THE” and “How to Breathe” Gins sculpts a multidimensional discourse and proposes a model strategy for free, effective speech. Utopia, the author implies, depends on a practical, uncoerced poetics.

“Thank god for thinking….”

—Robert Creeley

Hardback/Paperback: 154 pages

Publisher: Station Hill Press, New York, 1984

Language: English and French

ISBN: 0-90794-93-1 (hardback)

ISBN: 0-90794-92-3 (paperback)